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Quick Styles and Favorites. Create & Share Snagit Themes. Capture Quickly With the Widget. Customize Snagit. Sep 16, 2021 The Datastore is where Snagit stores its Unsaved Captures. If this Datastore folder is moved from its original location without being exported from the Snagit Editor using this process, then the captures will not automatically open back up in the Snagit Library. However, it is possible to restore these captures so that they show in your Library. Tag Archives: Snagit portable Mac Software , Office & Edit v2021.4 TechSmith Snagit Portable full versions AIO. 2021-10-08 offline.

Snagit is one of those apps you don’t know you need until you really need it. It does basically one job, a job that many other apps also do, but it does it so very well!

Fundamentally Snagit is a screen capture tool for Windows and Mac which is made by TechSmith. Now you may be thinking “but I have photoshop or paintshop or gimp or just the printscreen button which magically takes a screen shot so I don’t need another! Well indeed you may have an app which takes screenshots but do you really want to mess about with the complexity of Photoshop just to make a quick screenshot of a web page or desktop app? Do you want to wait 10 long minutes to startup some heavy duty image processing app? I think not, time is money and if you’re providing IT services you want to be able to take a quick screen shot to send to a client or to produce documentation either for clients or your own use but you do not want to have to become a graphic artist in the process!

So in steps SNAGIT with its elegant simplicity. It sits unobtrusively in the system tray, ready to be used at a moments notice. Using it is trivially simple – select the type of screen capture you want, such as region, window, full screen, scrolling window, web page, etc. and then click the big red button and point at the thing you want to capture then click and you’re done. Now you will have your screen shot sitting in the Snagit application window ready for action. From here you can modify it with some handy tools..

Add an arrow and drag it around easily until you have it where you want.. click, drag, done.

Add a text bubble and drag the pointy bit to point to the area you want it to refer to.. click, drag, done.

Add some tasteful effects such as a drop shadow to make your screencap look a bit smarter.. click, click, done.

There’s a whole range of tools and effects which can be applied with a click or two allowing you to create professional looking screen captures with the least fuss possible.. it couldn’t really be any easier!

When you’re done, save it and click done so Snagit is ready for the next capture. You can also easily share it via Email, FTP, IM and open in external programs such as Word, Powerpoint etc.

And yes you can even take screencaps of Snagit with Snagit without tearing a hole in the space-time continuum. See the proof here..

Not only does Snagit capture still images though, it can also capture all your screen activity to videos which makes it an essential tool for documentation and training.

Now the more observant amongst you will have noticed that Snagit is only available for Windows and Mac which leaves Linux users in the lurch, not to mention BSD users and those on other esoteric systems. However all is not lost since there is now also a version of Snagit for Chrome! This means you can now easily make browser based screen captures on Linux using Chrome. It may not be quite the fully monty compared to the desktop version but it certainly goes a long way towards that lofty goal and should satisfy the needs of many people.

If the Chrome version is just not enough for your needs you may find the Shutter Project does the job instead. Otherwise head over to TechSmith and grab yourself a copy of Snagit to solve all your screen capturing problems forever more.

Simple to use yet powerful screen capturing tool.

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