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Cymatics spent 150,000 dollars to create a unique collection of synthesizers like no other. This is why LEGENDS will contain samples of iconic synths such as the Prophet 5, Moog Model D, Wavestation and Jupiter 8, just to name a few. And considering how difficult it is to access these legendary tools …

The addition of the scream filter and sine-shaper to Serum allows Halcyon Vol.3 to be broader in scope than any of our previous volumes. Distortion, when used carefully, can lead to rich and expressive sounds. The sine-shaper in particular, when combined with pre-filtering, yields an abundance of character. MegaVST is a free VST plugins archive, download free audio plugin for musician or sound engineer. We allow you to download freeware VST, both audio effects and virtual instruments (VSTi). This plugin can be used in audio software (DAW) that supports VST including: Steinberg Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio (Fruityloops), Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, etc. Download Serum Vst Archives. Ableton Live 10.1.25 Crack Keygen for Win & Mac This application is basically a music software company that has a big influence on the international market. Ableton Live is the best-selling music software in this business. Serum Vst Plugin Most Popular Games Xfer Serum For Free Top Search.

  1. Serum is a wavetable synthesizer plugin created by Xfer Records that has completely taken over the music production world as the most used synth plugin. It features a visual and creative workflow-oriented interface that makes creating and altering sounds fun instead of tedious. Buy On Manufacturer Website Xfer Serum Review Since its release, Serum has quickly become the most popular software.
  2. The Serum vst plugin Free Download allows you to use a single oscillator to use up to 16 voices. Each of the wavetable oscillators has a series of advanced Unison parameters. The stack settings provide a note in layers (for example, octave) for a complete sound for a single note.

Our entire goal was to bring these iconic synth sounds right from the source to you! We’ve ended up with an insane collection of legendary samples, perfect for taking your sound to a whole new level.

BONUS # 1 PARADOX: Melody Collection

This collection of melodies is totally unique compared to any other melody we have ever collected.
Every loop in this collection has been hand-crafted by all of these iconic synths, leaving no sample even close to the same.
In the end, we created 100 melody loops, unlike any other samples ever created.

BONUS # 2 ENIGMA: MIDI Collection

Sometimes we all find ourselves in a creative direction, trying to create original melodic ideas, especially when it comes to finding the perfect melody that sets the sound of your track.
This collection of high-quality MIDI songs is the perfect set of melody creation tools, with many different options to choose from when you’re trying to create your ideas.
Best of all, these pairs pair perfectly with the oneshots in the LEGENDS pack … transforming one shot into a complete melodic idea in an instant.

Serum VST works with a host of music workstations such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro and a host of other programs. You can get Serum advanced wavetable synthesizer on the Xfer Records website. It’s available for MacsOS X 10 or later and PC with Windows XP or later. Serum works with 64-bit VST, AU or AAx compatible software.

BONUS # 3 Analog Classics: For Serum

This is a unique collection of analog style presets for Serum.
Our sound engineers have spent extra time creating analog synth presets to emulate sounds from our iconic collection of synths.
This package is ideal for producers who want to use retro analog sounds in Serum.

BONUS # 4 Destiny: DAW Toolkit

To make things even better, our production team has put together a complete set of processing tools for your DAWs.
This will include many presets for various standard plugins that will allow you to take sounds in LEGENDS to another level!
These will include plug-in presets for Ableton, Fl Studio and Logic.


• LEGENDS Premium Synth Collection 2005
• PARADOX: Melody Collection 100
• ENIGMA: MIDI Collection 100
• Serum Presets 100
• DESTINY: DAW Toolkit 113

Are you a synth-buff looking to level up your sound design game? Well, mastering the concepts of wavetable synthesis could be the next step in the development of your sound design skillset.

Read our guide and get some free wavetables, samples, and presets at the end!


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What Are Wavetables & How Do They Work?

Wavetable Synthesis” is a technique used to generate unique and evolving waveforms from a series of frames (waveforms) stored within the wavetable. This technology has been in use since the 70’s but has gained popularity and been expanded upon in recent years. One analogy to understand wavetables would be a flip-book. The flip-book would be the wavetable, and each page within that book would be a waveform. Flipping through the book (wavetable) at a fast pace would produce a morphing or evolving waveform.

The wavetable frames are selected and cycled through using a “position parameter,” typically mapped to a knob or slider on the synth. In Serum, this knob is labeled “WT POS”. Different modulators like envelopes and LFOs can be used to control this knob, in return, moving or cycling through the wavetable. This movement creates variation in the tones and timbres produced by the synth, giving the sound a unique morphing effect.

Custom Wavetables:

Many wavetable synthesizers give you the ability to import your own custom wavetables. Typical wavetable imports rely on WAV files, but Serum has the ability to import PNG image files, turning simple pictures into not-so-simple sounds! We’ll link a video at the end of this article to show you how to utilize this function.

Upon importing, you’ll likely want to do some editing to yield a more usable wavetable. Luckily, Serum has an extremely powerful wavetable editor built right into the interface. When I say powerful, I don’t mean that lightly. You could spend weeks working with this editor and still have new areas to explore.

Serum also gives you the ability to internally resample audio to produce a new wavetable. It’s incredibly easy – Just click on the menu, then click “resample to OSC”. Serum will render one bar of the entire synth’s audio output, convert it to a wavetable, and load it into the respective oscillator. Serum even has a text-to-speech wavetable generator. Simply type one or more words into the formula parser found in the wavetable editor. Make sure to include quotation marks around your selected words. Serum will then convert the text into a gritty robotic-speech wavetable. Results with this method may vary and often need a bit of further editing to get a clearly audible speech wavetable.

Here are some additional videos on the subject of creating and editing custom wavetables in Serum:

Virtual Riot – Creating wavetables in Serum using samples with Virtual Riot

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Ghost Hack – Create Awesome Serum Wavetables from Audio Files!

ARTFX – How to make perfect wavetables!

WVFM – 3D Modeling Custom Wavetables For Serum using Blender

ADSR – Use pictures as wavetables in Serum

Noteable Wavetable Software Synths:

Free Serum Wavetables from Psymbionic

Now you have a broad understanding of wavetables and are ready to start experimenting with them! Check out this free pack of wavetables by renowned bass music producer Psymbionic.

Psymbionic presents Shapeshifter, a selection of 128 free wavetables made from the Intellijel Shapeshifter Eurorack module. These wavetables come in two forms: “raw 16 cycle” and “Processed 256 cycle”. Shapeshifter is perfect for a multitude of electronic music genres including dubstep, trap, riddim, future bass, and more.

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All included wavetables are immediately importable to most wavetable synths such as Xfer Serum, Ableton Wavetable, and Kilohearts Phase Plant. Download these free wavetables and get to work!

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Other Free Production Resources

Outside of Serum wavetables, we have sample packs and presets for any genre. Everything from dubstep to future bass, we have the tools to help you achieve your sound design goals. Check out our wide collection of sample packs, presets, stems, and more. We also have FREE packs! Download one of our many free resources today and start creating your next big hit!

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If you’re looking to learn more about Xfer Serum, check out our Complete Guide To Xfer Serum! Looking for presets? We got that covered too. Check out some of our many preset packs here.

Xfer Records

Serum Plugin Vst

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Serum lets you invent creative sounds with an intuitive layout for sound design, custom drawn or imported waveforms, and real-time wavetable animation.

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Flexible Effects

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Serum reviews

  • Thanks to Steve Duda’s careful coding, Serum resamples its wavetables with ultra-high precision, so that there aren’t the same audio artifacts you’ll find in other soft synths. Serum’s artifact-free resampling keeps its oscillators crystal clear on any sound system, which is perfect for those glassy leads or angelic pads. But clean oscillators mean they can also dirty up your decibels down to the decimal without muddying up your mix.
  • Serum’s wavetables aren’t static. They’re a sandbox you can make your own. Stack up to 256 wavetables on a single oscillator, import wavetables that look like cartoon characters, or draw your own custom manipulations and see how they sound.
  • The award-winning synth’s stable of built-in effects includes everything you’d expect, like reverb and EQ, as well as some surprises, like Hyper. The flangers, phasers, and filters can all key-track to notes, with dual setups for mixing and morphing between filters, and a dirty sounding LPF. With the ability to swap-and-drop the effects and modulate nearly any parameters with LFOs, you’ll be able to keep a hummingbird’s attention.
  • Serum gets its full, wide-skied sound from its advanced unison capabilities. Each oscillator can use up to 16 voices, with stack settings that trigger a multiple octave-shifted notes with a single key. Give each unison voice its own waveform, tune them or twist them together, or just try the different modes until everything but Serum fades away.
  • What’s included:
    • — 3 oscillators
    • — Advanced unison oscillator stacking
    • — 4 filters
    • — 4 assignable LFOs
    • — 10 built-in effects
    • — 16-voice polyphony
    • — Over 450 presets
    • — 144 wavetables
    • — Real-time wavetable animation
    • — Standalone Serum FX plugin
  • OS X 10.10 or later; Windows XP or later
  • VST, AU or AAX compatible host software, 64-bit only.