info rekordbox ver. 6.6.0 has been released.

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rekordbox ver. 6.6.0 has been released.

November 16, 2021

release notes

Rekordbox 6.0.1 detects where the vocals are in tracks, adds Auto Upload, Beatsource LINK support. Shortly after the release of the long-anticipated Rekordbox 6, a new update has been released for Pioneer DJ's industry-leading DJ software. The latest version, rekordbox 6.0.1, comes with three new offerings: support for Beatsource LINK,. Rekordbox DJ 5.4 Crack mac windows are the best software in arranging your tracks, in the studio, in the house, or even on the ship! It let you move or copy music from other music-arranging programs. Thus, using the Bridge function, or by summing them into the program for management. So, Rekordbox Dj License key work out.


  • XDJ-RX3 compatibility added.
  • Added VINYL BRAKE to Beat FX.
  • Support for SoundCloud DJ.
  • Support for GOBO in LIGHTING mode.


  • Added a feature to export and import lighting settings in LIGHTING mode.
  • Added the following to DMX Direct Control:

The number of DMX channels that can be controlled by DMX Direct Control
Items that can sync with a button
A function to control a value with a knob or slider

Rekordbox Dj Windows Archives
  • Automatic deck selection for lighting is now available in PERFORMANCE mode when connected with the following units:


  • Vocal position detection is now available on Mac containing Apple's M1 chip.
  • BEAT JUMP Pad page is now retained when you start rekordbox next time.
  • Added the following features to MIDI LEARN:

Active Loop Select(HotCue, MemoryCue)
Active Loop Off (HotCue, MemoryCue)

  • CFX Select Next/Back in MIDI LEARN mapping is now available when connected with the following units that don't have the Sound Color FX button:

Rekordbox Virtual Dj

(Windows only) DDJ-WeGO2/DDJ-WeGO/DDJ-ERGO

  • New option included not to update track information when synchronizing with Apple Music App or iTunes using SYNC MANAGER.
  • You can use multiple fonts in Video function.

Virtual Dj Windows Vista

Rekordbox for windows 8


Rekordbox Dj Hardware

  • Keys were not displayed on the main display and jog displays on the XDJ-XZ when connected via LINK EXPORT.
  • Potential freeze when loading SoundCloud tracks.
  • Occasionally live sharing stopped when using KUVO - Live Playlist.
  • On Mac, occasionally wrong files were relocated when Auto Relocate was executed.
  • Potential crash when launching rekordbox on Mac with IntelⓇ HD Graphics 4000.
  • Occasionally recording stopped unexpectedly.
  • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.