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In ProPresenter 7, there are a variety of places where you might work with video and place video into your presentations. Most people start by thinking of foregrounds and backgrounds. Foreground videos, normally used to play video clips, might look to the casual eye just like background videos when played Continue reading. ProPresenter allows you to use the same style for your verse and reference, or create two unique styles for the verse and references. There are two locations in which you can create a Theme from which will contain the template you create for bibles for the purpose of this article we will stay within the bible app. Here go to Slide options.

As your media library grows, it can become difficult to keep up with the characteristics of individual files. Normally this isn’t too much of a problem, but when you’re in a pinch and need to find content fast, organization goes a long way. I recently discovered a pretty cool way to keep motion backgrounds neat and easy to find in ProPresenter. It has really come in handy in times when I needed to find a motion on the fly and I’d recommend it to all ProP users.

ProPresenter makes creating loops of slides and media easy with announcement loops (also called quips). This tutorial explains how to make a quick announcement slide loop. A common need in ProPresenter is the ability to create an announcement loop from a series of slides, graphics, or short videos. ProPresenter Tip #3: Option Button + Backgrounds. When you’re planning out a song and you’ve placed a few motion backgrounds in your song, but in the moment you want to trigger the slide without triggering the background, just hold down the option button when you trigger that slide and it won’t trigger a new background.

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While working inside the Video/Image Bin, you can access Media Properties for each file by right-clicking on it. Inside, there is a nifty labeling tool where you can add descriptions. For me, the most important aspect of a motion besides its design is speed. No matter how good a background looks, if the speed doesn’t match the song, it throws everything off. Because you cannot determine the speed of a motion based on its thumbnail, I decided to label my backgrounds by their tempo. I created a four point scale that I would apply to each motion in my library – slow, medium-slow, medium-fast, and fast. While this was incredibly simple for me to pull off, it has made a big difference. It’s perfect for those times when your worship leader spontaneously changes course.

*Tip: After typing your description into the field, be sure to press enter to confirm your new label.

Propresenter Backgrounds Archives Youtube

Try it out and let us know how it works for you!