1. In ProPresenter 4, 5, and 6, collections of fonts, colors, etc. That could be applied to several slides, presentations, etc. At once were called templates. In Pro7, they’re called themes. Themes automate a lot of the work of making presentations look good, but how can you make them and edit. Continue reading.
  2. How to use Resi with ProPresenter 7.3. When ProPresenter 7.3 was released, the BIG announcement was integration with Resi (Resi.io). Resi is a live-streaming host that uses an alternative method to traditional RTMP. As a result, it eliminates buffering and the effects network congestion for a beautiful, uninterrupted live-streaming experience.
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We have become aware that some users are experiencing issues with their ProPresenter libraries disappearing after enabling iCloud Drive during their Operating System upgrade (High Sierra or Mojave).

NOTE: We do not recommend enabling iCloud Drive on machines running our software.

With the release of ProPresenter 7.1 comes the introduction of a Capture option for screen recording and streaming over RTMP. The later release of ProPresenter 7.3 adds the option to stream with our partner, Resi. More information on this is below in the Streaming with Resi section.

Propresenter 7 Archives

There are a few options to recover lost files:

Propresenter 7 Archives

Option 1. Disable iCloud Drive sync on your computer.

-Open System Preferences and select 'iCloud'

-Once open deselect 'iCloud Drive'

-To preserve your files select 'Keep a Copy' from the pop-up menu.

-You will then need to locate that folder and its contents from the archive folder created by iCloud once file sync is disabled in your home folder. Once located, you can drop those files back into your documents.

Option 2. Download files from iCloud Drive to your local drive

Propresenter 7 Free Trial

-Open Finder and navigate to the location of your ProPresenter files in the Documents folder.

-Right Click on your ProPresenter folder and select 'Download Now'


-If you want to selectively download files you can also go into the folder and download files individually.

Option 3. Disable Optimize Storage

Propresenter 7 Tutorials

-If you have space on your computer to save all of your iCloud Drive locally you can open iCloud Drive options and just disable 'Optimize Mac Storage'

-Once you have ensured your files have been saved back to the computer you may have to reconnect your ProPresenter library. To do so open 'Preferences' in ProPresenter and under the General tab click on the 'Library Folder' drop-down and select 'Add/Edit/Remove'.

Propresenter 7 Download

-From the next window that opens, click on the plus (+) button and browse to the new location of the ProPresenter6 folder to add it as a Library. After you have selected the folder you will see the folder in the list. Click on this item in the list and select the 'done' button, then the ProPresenter documents will populate in the ProPresenter Library.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us.

Propresenter 7 Archives Online