During SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault View setup, the client will trigger a call to the PDM archive server to authenticate the Windows user credentials logged into the client machine. If the Windows user is not part of the Windows administrative group, the archive server configuration Administrative Access and Attach Access on the server, you may receive a login prompt when you are trying to 'attach' (or refresh) to the archive server. It is not really a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault login, but a Windows authentication login window to allow a list of vaults that are hosted on the archive server.

Oct 05, 2021 Create a vault. To create a vault, click New Vault on your Home page. To choose from a list of suggested vaults, click Suggestions and select a vault from the list. Your new vault will be created automatically. To create a custom vault, click Custom and give your vault a name. You can also add a description and an icon. Log into your account.

In this new world of zoombooming, facebook cloning, and email spoofing, digital security is as important as it has ever been. We should all do regular check-ups on our security and privacy settings online – and this is the perfect time to do it! Invitation Only- Enter Password Above For Access. To Secure Your Spot On The List When The Boveda Opens Again: Email. How Do Password Vaults Enter Passwords? Detecting and filling in sign-in forms is a password vault’s most basic feature. I’ll look at how that works, and what to do when it fails.



  • The username and password entered should be a Windows® user account that is added to the 'Attach access' or 'Administrative access' security settings on the archive server.
  • Verify communication between client and server by running a PING test through a command prompt.
  • Verify the server IP address is correct through PING test results


Launch the PDM ‘View Setup’ from the Start Menu located under SOLIDWORKS PDM.

A Welcome dialog will appear. Select ‘Next’ to get to the Select Servers splash screen. If the Archive Server name does not appear in the list of servers you may need to select the ‘Add’ button and enter the Archive Server name leaving Server ports at 3030.

The following is a Windows login prompt that will require windows administrator credentials from the Archive server. This is not a PDM login window.

Following is an example of what your login information may look like.

Developer.jboss.org › Docs › DOC-17763AS7 Password Vault On Windows JBoss.org Content Archive ...

Once the client authenticates with the Archive server, the server name will appear in the server list. With the box checked for the appropriate server, click “Next” to move to the ‘Select Vaults’ screen.

Chose the vault you would like to attach to by clicking the check box at the left by the vault name.

Select ‘Next’ and move through all following splash screens excepting the default settings.

Password Vault Archives

Expand Your SOLIDWORKS PDM Skillset

Do you want to export Lastpass passwords or print Lastpass passwords list so that you can keep your complex passwords safe offline. We use Lastpass password manager, which is an excellent password management tool which allows you to to save your passwords across websites in a secure and safe manner and use them for one click login online.

Over time your password lists can get so long that you might want to print lastpass generated passwords to backup Lastpass. This is important as just in case you lock lastpass account, lose access or delete Lastpass account or it gets hacked. Printing password list and storing it safely will help you preserve your passwords and help you access websites when last pass is not available. If you generate complex Lasspass passwords by default password generator options, they are impossible to remember anyway.

How to Print Lastpass Passwords List

There is no default button or link to just click print passwords from your Lasspass dashboard.

So here is a step-by-step way to export Lastpass passwords easily in bulk.

1. Lastpass Vault Login

Click the Lastpass Chrome extension icon in your browser toolbar in the top right corner, and click on open my vault. It is assumed you must already be logged in to Lastpass if your icon is showing red square with three white dots. Else Lastpass login screen will appear and ask you to enter Lastpass master password.

2. Export LastPass Passwords

On left hand column option, go to Advanced options > Export.

3. Lasspass Login Prompt


Before Lastpass exports all passwords, it will again recheck the master password login, to confirm your identity and ensure you have access, just in case someone is using a computer with other persons Lastpass auto-loggedin.

4. Lastpass Generated Passwords Excel

Password Vault This Pc

The passwords list will be downloaded as an .csv file openable in excel commonly in your Downloads folder. Opening the file will show all your Lastpass usernames, passwords, sites and groupings if any.

NOTE: Print the file and then I suggest you delete this file from your computer. It is not safe to keep this digital passwords file on your computer or Dropbox/Google Drive as if your computer gets hacked, someone can easily login to all your secret accounts and do identity theft or financial transactions if you store your bank login details etc.

Have you done Lastpass backup today!

My Password Vault

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