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In OmniGraffle, lines connect to the centerpoint of an object — unless you add magnets.

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Adding magnets is pretty easy. Here’s what to do:

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  • In the View menu, make sure magnets are visible: make sure View > Extras > Magnets is checked.
  • Select a shape, then click on the Properties Inspector.
  • In Connections, pull down the menu for adding magnets. It probably says “No magnets” right now.
  • Choose the last item: “5 magnets per side.”

Your shape now looks something like this, with five magnets on each side.

That’s a lot of magnets!

That’s probably even *enough* magnets. But what if it’s not?

How to get more magnets

Let’s say you want ten magnets per side. You already have five. Do this:

  • Hold down the shift key.
  • Pull down that same menu again and choose “5 magnets per side.”

Now you have ten.

That’s the tip: if you hold down the shift key, it adds magnets instead of changing the magnets property.


And you could keep going — it works more than once. Add as many magnets as you need!

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Read Adding Magnets to Objects in the OmniGraffle manual for more about why and how to use magnets.