The best free data recovery software for Mac available online is described below. These five applications vary in their characteristics. However, all share one commonality, they are free, and therefore useful for the casual user.

This article is fully updated and valid for macOS 11.4 Big Sur

1. Disk Drill for Mac

Disk Drill is the free data recovery app for Mac OS X. Disk Drill Basic, in addition to having previewing capabilities for recovered files, contains several other functionalities, such as Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery, lost partition restoration, boot disk maker, and so on, which make it one of the best Mac data recovery software applications available.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Free. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Free is one of.

Disk Drill works on internal and external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards and many other appliances that can be connected to a Mac, including iOS and Android devices.

Its last version has an extensive database of file signatures that can be restored from drives even after formatting and uses very efficient and fast scanning algorithms. Disk Drill is constantly updated and supported by its ever-growing team and covers cases of data corruption resulting from loss of power, or removal of a device without first unmounting it.

Free Features:

  • Recovery Vault is an advanced extra layer to the Trash Bin that keeps a reference to deleted data.
  • Guaranteed Recovery is a background service that saves a copy of each file to a user-specified folder. Both data protection modules substantially reduce the possibility of permanently losing critical data.
  • Data Backup feature provides users with the ability to recover lost data from a byte-to-byte clone version of the device/partition, without having to risk the original storage source.
  • In addition to that, multiple extra tools like Disk Health Monitor, Emergency Recovery Boot Drive, Time Machine Recovery, Duplicate File Finder, Mac Cleaner, are available for free.

“Disk Drill for macOS updated with native Apple Silicon Macs support” – Filipe Espósito,


Disk Drill successfully manages the balance of essential and advanced features for the casual, professional, and enterprise users alike, which makes it worth the money spent on the upgrade.

2. PhotoRec for Mac

PhotoRec is not the most powerful free Mac data recovery tool, but it has the advantage of being open source. This basically means that not only the application but also the source code is available to the public.

PhotoRec can work with OS X, Linux, Free BSD, Net BSD, Open BSD, and Windows. It can recover the most common file formats, such as JPEG pictures, MP3 audio files, OpenDocument and Microsoft Office files, PDF documents and ZIP archives. Files can be recovered from different devices such as digital camera memory cards, USB flash drives and hard disks.

Free Features:

This free file recovery Mac app uses a powerful technology known as file carving. This method consists of two steps. Firstly, it searches for the data block or cluster size. If the file system is not corrupted, this value is obtained from the superblock (ext2/ext3/ext4) or volume boot record (FAT, NTFS). If this is not possible, the app checks each sector of the device, and using the first ten files found, it calculates the block or cluster size.

Secondly, the app reads the device, block by block/cluster by cluster, checking against the different file signatures available in the app’s database, thus assembling and recuperating the available files. Though it’s unclear how many of those file signatures are known to the app.

Macos Disk Drill Archives


PhotoRec is a nice tool to use when in need to recover some personal files, without having to resort to a professional application.

3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is another one of the best data recovery Mac software applications. The developer has released three different versions: free trial, Pro and unlimited.

Free Features:

The free version is limited to a maximum of 2GB of restored data. This free data recovery software can recover data from Mac notebooks, desktops, hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, memory cards, digital cameras, etc. It works on internal HFS+ drives, and on FAT/FAT32 file systems used in USB flash drives and external hard drives connected to an Apple computer.

Easeus tool recovers file formats most commonly used in image, video, music and document files. It is mostly designed for recovering lost files due to unintentional deletes or drive formatting.

Disk drill mac free


EaseUS free data recovery tool is a handy app designed for casual unintentional file deletions.

4. MiniTool Power Data Recovery for Mac

MiniTool Data Recovery for Mac can recover photos, music, videos, emails, documents, and other types of data from Mac computers or other common storage devices. The free version only offers support via email.

This data recovery software for Mac works in four different modes. The first, “Undelete Recovery”, can be used to quickly recover data lost due to accidental deletion. The second, “Damaged Partition Recovery”, recovers lost data from existing partitions. The third, “Lost Partition Recovery”, recovers lost data from lost or deleted partitions, subject to success in finding them. And finally, the “Digital Media Recovery” mode, recovers multimedia files from portable storage devices.

Free Features:

This data recovery Mac software has a personal edition that is free for use only on one computer and with a maximum restore capacity of 1MB. Is that why it’s called a Mini Tool? Possibly. The developer also offers commercial, enterprise and technician editions of the software.


MiniTool Data Recovery tool offers a valid option for the casual accidental delete, in cases that don’t involve big volumes.

5. Softtote Mac Data Recovery

Softtote’s app can recover lost files from internal and external hard drives. File types include ONLY .bmp, .jpg, .png, .tif and .mp3. It works on devices supported by NTFS, HFS/HFS+ and FAT file systems. The application has the capacity to preview file details, such as image size and creation date before recovering them.

Disk drill free download

Just like other apps in this list, this free data recovery software Mac comes with free technical support.


Softtote’s software can be included among the best data recovery software Mac, and even though it is not so well known, it deserves a try in case of accidental file loss, but mind the limited set of supported file types.

How to Pick the Best Data Recovery Software for Mac

Selecting the best Mac data recovery software can be a challenge since there are so many seemingly great options available. To help you narrow down available data recovery software for Mac, here are the most important selection criteria you need to focus on:

⚙️ Performance

The best file recovery software apps for Mac have been perfecting their data recovery algorithms for years to quickly and reliably find all deleted files. Since data restore is a time-sensitive task, it makes sense to select the most capable app available and get all deleted data back on the first try.

💻 Files System Support

Mac users typically format disks and volumes using Apple File System (APFS), HFS+ (Mac OS Extended), MS-DOS (FAT), FAT32, and exFAT file systems, so make sure to select a data recovery software application that supports them. If you also want to recover Windows drives, the application needs to support NTFS.

👩🏽‍💻 macOS Version Supported

In recent version of macOS, Apple introduced some pretty substantial changes intended to make the operating system safer for its users. Unfortunately, many developers of data recovery tools for Mac have yet to update their apps accordingly to support the latest versions of Apple’s operating system.

📷 File Type Support

There are thousands of file formats in existence, and no data recovery software supports every single one. However, some solutions can recover virtually all file formats you are likely to come across, and we highly recommend you prioritize them over applications that can recover only a handful of commonly used file formats.

🗂 Set of Features

While all data recovery software apps for Mac can recover deleted files, some have many extra features that make the recovery process easier and more likely to end successfully, such as the ability to preview deleted files, recover files from failing, corrupted, and formatted devices, or scan RAW and lost partitions. You may even come across recovery apps that double as capable backup solutions, giving you more value for your money.

Disk Drill Enterprise

🛒 Price

The price of file recovery software apps for Mac OS X varies greatly, and it’s definitely not true that more expensive apps are always better than those that are either cheaper or free. Especially attractive are paid data recovery apps that let you preview recoverable files, allowing you to evaluate their data recovery performance without costing a single dollar. Keep in mind that some recovery apps charge you only once for a lifetime license, while other apps charge their users on a monthly or yearly basis, which can increase their price substantially over time.

🔒 Security

Not all software applications are secure, and data recovery software is no exception to this. While you can use all the apps listed in this article without any worries, the same can’t be said about many lesser-known data recovery solutions that can be found online.

If you keep the above-described criteria in mind when selecting data recovery software for Mac, you won’t have any trouble picking the best solution available and recovering your data in no time.

The Bottom Line

We recommend going with Disk Drill Data Recovery Software for Mac, as it delivers on its data recovery odds. This awesome data recovery tool is backed up by good looks, a more intuitive user interface, and a ton of free disk tools that may become handy for any user.


Here are the best data recovery software applications for Mac in 2021:

  1. Disk Drill for Mac – best for macOS Big Sur;
  2. PhotoRec for Mac – best freeware;
  3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac – best customer support;
  4. MiniTool Power Data Recovery for Mac – best money-back guarantee;
  5. Softtote Mac Data Recovery – best for old versions of Mac OS X.

As you can see, Disk Drill tops the list, offering excellent data recovery performance paired with an easy-to-use user interface that looks and feels as if Apple designed it themselves.

There are Mac data recovery software applications that are completely free, but most come with certain limitations and require their users to purchase a license to remove them. The cost of a Mac data recovery software license varies greatly, but the average is around $100.

Yes, there is. PhotoRec (TestDisk) is open-source data recovery software for Mac, Windows, Linux, and *BSD that you can download for free and use to recover most file formats without any limitations. However, you should know that PhotoRec doesn’t have a graphical user interface, and it doesn’t offer any extra features that require it, such as the ability to preview files before recovery.

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Disk Drill Crack reads and recovers any media that can be installed on your Windows computer: internal or external hard drives, memory cards, cameras, USB drives, Kindles, and even some iPods. Once the scan is complete, you will be presented with a tree-like list of recoverable items that contain recovered files as well as found files and folders. Disk Drill can easily recover hundreds of different file types: documents, images, archives, videos, and more. Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery also ensures that you never lose your files again. Recovery Camera saves the metadata of the files you delete so you can restore them whenever you need without having to scan your system again.

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Disk Drill Key is professional file recovery software designed to protect your data and recover files from loss. Disk Drill is a free hard disk data recovery application for Windows (supports XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10). It is a simple and useful application that provides professional recovery tools: deep and fast scanning, it can search for lost partitions and restore file systems. You can recover up to 500MB of lost data for free. Disk Drill supports many file systems: NTFS, FAT, HFS, EXT4, exFAT, and even initialized disks. Additional easy-to-use features such as backups, data protection, and weak sector management combined with an easy-to-use interface make you satisfied with our cost-effective data recovery software.

Disk Drillis multiple recovery algorithms include fast and deep scans, universal partition search, and undelete deleted data. Recovery is simple and can be cut, saved, and loaded as you wish. Disk Drill reads and recovers any media that can be installed on your Windows PC: internal or external hard drives, memory cards, cameras, USB drives, and even some Kindles and iPods.Once the scan is complete, you will be presented with a tree-like list of files and folders found, as well as recoverable items containing recovered files. Disk Drill can easily recover hundreds of different file types: documents, images, archives, videos, and more. Disk Drill is ready to be your reliable hard drive recovery software in any scenario: accidental data deletion, empty recycle bin, virus attack, lost or inaccessible partition, power failure, damaged boot record, etc.

Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery is an easy-to-use tool that helps you recover files that you accidentally deleted and need to get back to your hard drive. The program works with music, videos, text documents, and other lost files. The best feature of the program is that it works with your system’s hard drive, but it can also recover items from devices connected to your computers such as USB, camera and video cards, and memory cards. Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery can recover your files, whether they’ve been accidentally moved, a virus has deleted all of its information, or the file has been corrupted by an unexpected reboot. After a full scan, the program will show you the missing files that can be recovered.

Key Features:

  • Any disc
  • Recovery options
  • Speed ​​and simplicity
  • All file systems
  • Partition recovery
  • Safe recovery
  • Recover data from almost any storage device
  • Various recovery algorithms, including deleted protected data recovery, quick scan, and deep scan.
  • Scanning starts at the touch of a button
  • Supports FAT, exFAT or NTFS file system, Mac or Linux EXT2/3/4 HFS disk
  • Helps map old partitions for renovation
  • Protects your computer from future data loss
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • It supports Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Categorize folders by images,
  • documents, video, audio, and more.
  • Preview lost files before performing recovery.
  • Displays an image of a video or audio file before it is restored.
  • Create and mount a virtual disk for the recovered files.
  • Full support for RAW files.
  • It supports almost all modern room sizes.
  • Improved exFAT recovery and more.
  • Recovery up to 500 MB is completely free.
  • Free data protection with Recovery Vault.
  • Free citywide backup of your media.
  • Free data recovery up to 500 MB Free data recovery up to 500 MB;
  • Free data protection with Recovery Vault Free data protection with Recovery Vault;
  • Free byte backups of your media. Free byte backups of your media;
  • See Preview Lost Files Before Performing a Recovery. Preview a sample of the lost files before performing the recovery.

What’s New:

  • Supports more file formats than before
  • Partition recovery
  • More scanning options.
  • Recovery Vault protects against data loss
  • ISO / DMG backup
  • Stop analyzing and don’t worry.
  • After returning, the analysis will continue.
  • Therefore, it greatly simplifies and speeds up the long and tedious file recovery process.
  • You can also get a Disk Drills activation code for protection.
  • It can be downloaded before losing the backup files.
  • It provides an extra layer of security for your files with Recovery Vault.
  • It also allows you to save detailed information about each file you delete.
  • Thus, it acts as an expanded recycle bin that does not require additional space on your system.
  • You can restore your files as soon as possible if they have been deleted.
  • This tool provides a flexible yet easy way to quickly recover lost items.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, (32-bit / 64-bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • 10.13 High Sierra
  • At least 1GB of RAM

Disk Drill Mac Free

Download Disk Drill Mac Archives Download


Disk Drill Data Recovery Software

  • Free to download and use
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Comes with two scanning options
  • It works on both indoor and outdoor units.


Download Disk Drill Mac Archives Software

  • Limited data recovery up to 500 MB

Disk Drill For Windows

How To Install:

Macos Disk Drill Archives
  • Download Disk Drills crack file
  • Then install this app when the download is complete.
  • Wait for a second
  • Time to activate the key
  • Copy and paste the key into the crack file.
  • Click the Activate Now button.
  • complete
  • Fun