The Support section of the LogMeIn Rescue website. The LogMeIn proprietary format, called RCREC, can cut recording size by about 10%. Data Center Architecture LogMeIn Rescue is hosted in state-of-the-art, secure data centers with the following features. LogMeIn Central is LogMeIn’s subscription-based remote management solution. Foremost, LogMeIn Central is a powerful toolkit for accessing and managing remote computers. LogMeIn Central also lets you deploy and configure LogMeIn Hamachi networks and clients.

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ProductLogMeIn Rescue () [Website]
SummaryFull-featured remote support product easy enough to be used by individuals, yet powerful enough to be used by corporate IT help desks.
Pros• Easy to deploy
• Comprehensive feature set
• Can be custom branded
• Integrated drag n drop file transfer
• Support for some mobile devices available at an extra cost.
Cons• Expensive
• No 'Lite' version to compete with other products.
• Pricing model doesn't include a daily option.

Typical Price: $129

Screen Sharing
Admin Login
Win / Mac
24 bit color
Remote Diagnostics
File Transfer
Multi monitor
Encryption Level256 bit
Updated 11/8/2010: Some support for iOS devices.

LogMeIn has been in the remote control business for a long time. Like Citrix Online, a competitor in both the remote control and remote support business, LogMeIn also has a remote support product - LogMeIn Rescue.

Unlike Citrix which offers GoToAssist Express [reviewed], a version targeted at IT Consultants and computer gurus, LogMeIn offers only one version of LogMeIn Rescue that competes more directly with Citrix's GoToAssist Corporate offering.

A license for a single LogMeIn Rescue technician sells for an annual subscription of $1188 or a monthly subscription of $129. No daily rate is offered. While LogMeIn Rescue's features dwarf those found in GoToAssist Express, for most small businesses, individual IT consultants and small IT shops, the cost may be prohibitively high.

Client connection can be initiated three ways: going to and entering a 6 digit support key you provide; emailing the support info; or generating a link that you can paste into your own email or IM client.

When the client enters the code or clicks the link you provide, a small Java applet is downloaded, which initiates the support session with your console. Check the gallery for screenshots that show the process.

Each technician using LogMeIn Rescue can have up to 10 active support sessions. Sessions are listed across the top of the screen with the name session ID, status, Active time, channel and custom fields displayed. Tabs below the session status list enable the technician to easily toggle between any of the active sessions.

Below the row of tabs, there's an additional row of icons for more features. You can control the screen size (full screen, actual size or fit to window) or scale it to a percentage of the actual size. You can also control color depth with four settings ranging from black and white for dial up connections to high quality. An 'Auto' setting chooses the best quality setting for your connection.

There are also two icons for either switching monitors or cycling through monitors on remote clients with multiple screens. Other enhanced features include running task manager on the remote client, synchronization of the clipboard, screen annotation, laser pointer, session recording and remote screenshot.

Unlike the Citrix product, LogMeIn Rescue sessions take place inside of a browser rather than a separate application. For each active session, there is an additional row of tabs that control viewing of the desktop, access to the file manager, system info, reboot, scripts, unattended access, calling cards and history/notes. Like the Citrix products, Normal, emergency and safe mode reboots are supported - all with automatic reconnection to the technician console.

LogMeIn Rescue's File Manager, which opens in a separate window, definitely has the edge over GoToAssist Express. Familiar side-by-side windows allow the technician to easily transfer files between systems using drag and drop.

As a corporate remote support solution, LogMeIn Rescue includes virtually all of the features you could want. You can create up to ten 'channels' and assign channels to technicians based on experience level, escalation level, type of product being supported, etc. Auto routing routes customers to the next available technician.

A robust administration control panel allows an administrator to set up channels, call queuing, monitor technicians, set policies (such as record all sessions) and create customer satisfaction surveys. It also includes a 'calling card' feature. A calling card is a one-click, zero download icon (customizable with your own logo) that you can pre-install on client systems for easy access to the help desk.

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Support, OS

Online Ticket
IM / Chat
Knowledge Base
Mac OS
Windows Mobile

Computers running the LogMeIn Rescue must be running Windows 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008 (including 64 bit versions of each) or Windows and Server 2000 and use either Internet Explorer 6 or later or Firefox 3 or later.

Devices supported must be running Windows 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008 (including 64 bit versions of each), Windows 98, ME or 2000 or Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard) or 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

As an added cost option, LogMeIn Rescue can also support connection to Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry smartphones. Remote chat sessions can be initiated with iPad and iPhone users and email configurations can be pushed to iPhones. Click here for a list of supported devices. Smartphone support costs $768 / year / technician or $90 / month / technician.

Support resources for GoToAssist Express include online ticket and phone, but no online chat or email. There are also Knowledge Base articles, tutorials and FAQs online.

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  1. Using LogMeIn Rescue on MacOS Mojave and Catalina. LogMeIn Rescue is an app that allows our technical support team to share screens and assist remotely by controlling the mouse and keyboard input. First, you will receive a link or a code to manually type into or
  2. Feb 01, 2021 Services: Remote Support (LogMeIn Rescue) LogMeIn Rescue is a tool that LTS support technicians use to access remote computers and mobile devices. LogMeIn Rescue is safe and secure. All communication between the customer and the technician is SSL-encrypted. Follow one of the following instructions to download and start the LogMeIn Rescue Applet.

Latest Client Not Compatible With Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) Remember, this is not on one of my remote hosts, this is on the machine I use to login to central and access the my remote hosts and is running 'LogMeIn' from the /Applications folder. On first use every day, the auto-updateer overwrites the client with the incompatible. Subscribe to Our Blog. Submit your email address to get updates right to your inbox!

LogMeIn Rescue is an app that allows our technical support team to share screens and assist remotely by controlling the mouse and keyboard input.

First, you will receive a link or a code to manually type into or

Enter in the code, then hit the Start Download button. It will download a Support-LogmeinRescue App to your downloads.

Give that file a double-click. If it downloads a .zip file, its recommended to drag that icon to the desktop then double-click.

Click OpenOkAllow through any security popups.


Next, you will receive a prompt to Open System Preferences.

Click the lock icon in the lower left corner to make changes.

Rescue Support

Enter in your Mac password.

You must check off any of the boxes under Privacy > Accessibility

including: Bash, AEServer, and SupportLogMeIn

Logmein Remote Rescue

Next, switch the category on the left pane to Screen Recording

Digital Archives

Check off the access for Screen Recording

The boxes may be any combination of: Bash, AEServer, and SupportLogMeIn

Logmein123 Mac Archives Download

Note: You may not see all of the boxes listed. If you see none of the boxes listed, please end the Rescue session and try connecting again, some systems take a second launch attempt to get the choices to appear properly.

Logmein Rescue Online Archives Download

End-users on Catalina 10.15.2 need to also perform the following additional setting:
System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Full Disk Access > Add supportlogmeinrescue.

That should allow the technician to remotely view and control your screen.

To End Access, simply hit the red X in the chat window, close out of LogMeIn Rescue and the system is no longer able to be controlled with the one

Logmein Rescue Online Archives Free

Logmein Client App

Logmein Rescue Online Archives -