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Several months ago during the release of the BETA, I released a skin called FME (Football Manager Enhanced) which was intended to be an extension of what Sports Interactive provide as opposed to a complete overhaul. I intended to keep everything in keeping with the default look and feel of the game for a more seamless integration and ease of use.
Upon release of FME, I received some wonderful feedback from users and fellow modders, though with limited time I was unable to keep up with demand for extra features/bug fixes etc. Having gained more time over the past month, I have rebuilt FME and have stripped it back for the sake of simplicity.

Football Manager Enhanced - v3.0

If you're familiar with FME, you may be sad to learn that this version of the skin is currently only a Player Overview panel with little or no modding elsewhere. I have taken a quality over quantity approach and perhaps with more time in the future, I'll be able to rebuild the club page that I originally built. I have discovered several things that have never before been done and it would be nice to reveal them in a future update. For now though, FME is an upgraded default skin with an enhanced Player Profile.

Transfer/Scouting Labels
Player profiles show Dynamic Transfer Labels which change with context. When a player has been scouted, the 'Transfer' labels are replaced with the 'Transfer Interest' labels, better integrating the scout report with the player profile and giving you a quick idea of how much a player might cost.
Transfer Actions
Transfer actions are available directly from the Scout Feedback Block via a dropdown menu. Additionally, clicking on the Scout Rating Circle, or indeed any of the Transfer Labels will take you directly to the full Scout Report.
Attribute Colours/Information Block
Touch versions of the game present different attribute colours which I have modified and introduced into FME. Red highlights low attribute values, Yellow for moderate values, Blue for good values and Green for excellent values. Foot strength is of course also present underneath the Physical Table. Additionally, I have implemented a better Player Information block which I believe provides all of the essential basic information required when viewing a player.
Additional Tabs
In addition to the default Attributes tab, I have made several other tabs available which I have optimized to function in a much smaller space. Player Information, Contract Information, Transfer Information/Status, Player Report, Medical Report & History are all available to access directly from the Player Overview.
Feel free to download FME v3.0 and perhaps even use it purely as a standalone Player Overview Panel within another creators skin.

August 2021 Update

Work has kept me from being able to properly update anything else within the game and as such there is unlikely to be any more updates for FM 2021. However, due to the overwhelming positive response, I will be sure to make several key updates for FM 22. I have flagged several things within the game which I could definitely update somewhat to make the overall experience a lot more useful and I will hopefully have the time to incorporate those additions in future releases.
Football Manager 2021 PC Download Archives

Football Manager Enhanced - v2.4

FME had decided to step away from the FM community at the time and it was uncertain if he'd ever return. I asked him to keep the last version of the skin here because a lot of people enjoyed using it, and he agreed. However, we can't offer support for any technical inquiries you might have. Thanks for understanding!


The v3.0 downloadable is mainly a Player Overview panel with little or no modding elsewhere.
The v2.4 downloadable pack includes 2 versions of the skin.
- FME (Regular)
Download- FME Dark


FME v3.0
FME adapts better than before to smaller resolutions. If you have a very low res screen (1024x768), you'll have a slightly limited experience as there simply isn't enough space to display all the required elements. However, stepping up to 1600x900 and 1920x1080, you have a fuller experience with greater functionality as per the images below.
FME v2.4

Football Manager 2021 Pc Download Archives Pc

  • Resolutions from 1024 x 768 to 1920x1080 are fully supported.
  • If you are at 1920x1080 but not getting the 'Full Experience' it is because you are not scaled at 100%. At 1920x1080 on small screens, Windows scales your screen to 125% which gives you less screen space but makes elements easier to see/read. Change this to 100% in Display Settings and you will receive the 'Full Experience'.
  • To get the most out of this skin, you must have at least 1000 pixels vertically and 1600 pixels horizontally, though unlike all other skins, this skin will not break, have squashed elements or become unusable below its recommended resolution.

How to install the FME FM21 Skin

  1. Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

  2. Move the extracted folders to your skins folder:
    DocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2021skins

  3. Run Football Manager 2021 and go to Preferences > Interface.
    You should see 'FME' and 'FME Dark' as options in the skin drop down of the General options section.
    Hit the Confirm button.

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Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.

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Football Manager 2021 PC Download Archives

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