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Emmet John Layton was born in 1905 in St. Louis, Missouri. He received B.Arch and M.Arch degrees from Washington University it St. Louis, and trained at the Missouri Botanical Garden under Dr. Anderson and John Noyes. He also studied at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst under Frank Waugh. Layton’s career as a landscape. Notepad v7 enhancements & bug-fixes: x64 build available. Fix the DLL Hijacking Vulnerability of previous versions (by updating NSIS to v3.0). Auto-updater improvement: periodical check can be disable via auto-update prompt dialog. Installer enhancement: Check if Notepad is running and ask the user to close it before continue.

Web development is a fun but challenging field. One of the things that truly makes web development so awesome is the fact that there are so many places to go for learning. The internet is full of all kinds of awesome websites, tutorials, and communities. Even if one avenue stops producing results you can always look at others for help.

So, allow me to introduce you to my besties. Here are the best text editors for web develpment.

Best Online HTML Editors


Codepen is an online HTML editor with many additional features. Codepen offers a rich text editor along with other useful front end development tools. For new programmers, Codepen offers ‘Professor Mode’ which includes helpful tips and coding information.

This free online tool allows users to edit and test HTML, CSS, and JS directly in a web browser. Codepen makes it easy to start coding fast, and test scripts as you go along. Access to the editor is free, but Codepen also offers a Pro version with additional advanced features.


Liveweave is a functional and easy-to-use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS editing program. It’s free and features a variety of templates to make it easy to get going. Liveweave is ideal for editing code, practicing HTML, or just trying out new ideas. Liveweave allows users to download their progress anytime.


JSBin is a Pastebin text editor for HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The web-based editing program allows for collaborative debugging and text editing. JSBin’s user interface is simple but highly functional and features all the basic editing tools expected in 2021. The program is free, but a pro version is available to increase functionality.


JSFiddle, like JSBin, is a collaborative code editing platform. It allows users to create and share HTML, JavaScript, and other web development projects. JSFiddle is free and easy to use, and popular with Github and Stack Overflow presentations or debugging projects. JSFiddle is free and available online, and it’s a great place to work on a site or experiment with code.

Other Editors…

Phase 5

Phase 5 is a widely known editor that has been steadily updated since 1998.

A few features of Phase5 are project management, tag completion, an integrated image viewer, a syntax debugger, support for special characters, indentation assistance, search and replace, and customizable menus and templates.

Phase 5 supports popular formats like PHP, Javascript, HTML, VBScript, Java, and Pearl. A file manager quickly lets you switch between documents. You can edit multiple documents simultaneously, and much more.

Phase 5 runs on Windows 7 and 8, Vista, XP, 2000, 98 32/64 bit, and server versions.

Programmer’s Notepad

Programmer’s Notepad offers a modern interface that comes in two themes: one bright, the other dark, as pictured. Besides syntax highlighting, the editor boasts text clips (code snippets), code folding (selective hiding/displaying of code) and can be finely tailored to your personal needs through Python scripts and add-ons.


Emmet notepad++ archives free

SynWrite is an editor with a wide variety of functionality. The idea behind SynWrite is to concentrate everything good about other editors into a single free product, and the feature list reads accordingly. The editor can be augmented with plugins written in Python. Aside from typical functionality such as code folding and autocompletion, SynWrite also allows for multi-caret editing (see animation):

This feature can save a load of time. What’s more, SynWrite supports Emmet (previously Zen Coding).


PlainEdit can open multiple files in tabs, can likewise be expanded with plugins and provides plenty of functions, including customizable templates. Users can quickly and easily insert snippets (templates, pieces of code, or other text) from a sidebar. Moreover, you can search and replace text with regular expressions, even in documents not presently open. It’s worth noting that PlainEdit can even be run from a USB stick.


Notepad++ is something of a classic. It emerged when the editor, which Windows shipped with, had gotten rather long in the tooth and failed to offer important functionality.

Notepad++ offers a tab interface, autocompletion, and great code highlighting. Macro recording automates frequently-used commands. The interface can be configured to your needs, and there are plenty of plugins at your disposal to broaden the feature set.

Sublime text editor

Sublime is my most favorite text editor personally I used Sublime text editor .sublime have auto suggest functionality close tag of HTML is appearing itself its use for fast coding if you have good skills in PHP, HTML or any other web development related languages so sublime high recommended for experienced developers and you can install different types of plugins, for example, EMMET plugin which is used for fast coding after installing EMMET plugin uses some shortcut like for all HTML syntax type HTML5 and press tab key all the HTML syntax will appear in one second and also you can install theme plugins note but it’s not free still you can use trial version download from here

Bracket text editor

Bracket is another editor and its free no charges you can download freely from officially website bracket editor have also a lot of features, for example, auto-suggest feature and also is support EMMET plugin if you want to install EMMET plugin or other plugins just go click on file menu and after goes to Extension manager and click on it and search for plugin but internet connection is required without internet connection you cannot install any plugin download from here

Atom text editor

Atom is the 4th editor its same to same sublime editor interface and themes is similar to sublime and its free no charges for downloading it has also auto-suggest functionality and support many plugins if you don’t have money to purchase sublime I recommend for you to use atom editor because atom is very similar to sublime download from here

Best text editor for web development and for web designing notepad++,sublime text editor,brackets text editor,atom text editor and moreAndroid Mobile Type CSS FormCSS HTML Form With Glass EffectTransparent Navbar


Code Editor is very important for web developers and web designers because without code editor you can build Application and website, so in this article, I will share with you some beautiful text editors


Notepade++ is the first text editor which are used by all beginners, developers, and designers, and I also highly recommend for you to use notepad++ if you are beginner in PHP development .but why notepad++ recommended for beginner web developers because It does not have auto suggest tag functionality auto suggest tag means when you type HTML start tag and HTML close tag appear itself so the purpose is that beginner developers write all code from his hands and its good for beginner level developer to learn and understand all tags in auto suggest text editor is best for experienced developers to write code fast. Its free download from here

Adobe Dreamweaver cc

Adobe Dreamweaver cc is the last text editor in my article Adobe Dreamweaver cc and Dreamweaver cs6 are similar features but Dreamweaver cc is the latest version in Dreamweaver we can create HTML tables, forms, and navigation bar without coding effort and now in Dreamweaver cc and cs6 we create a responsive website in minimum time. It’s not free to download from here


jEdit can open, edit, and accordingly highlight syntax in virtually any file. Opening multiple files makes life a lot easier. Any missing features can be filled in with plugins.

This is not to say that jEdit skimps on features. Out of the box, jEdit is packaged with key functionality such as code folding, marking of connected elements and tags, a file manager, and a good search and replace function. Furthermore, the ability to configure and expand the editor makes jEdit worthy competition among its peers.

Cross-platform Options
The following options are available for several platforms, and each is convincing in its own right. Whether you use Linux, Mac OS or Windows, you can take your pick from three great editors.

Sublime Text 2 – The Swiss Army Knife

No other HTML editor is quite as triumphant as Sublime Text 2. It launched to immediate praise from swooning professional web developers. It is deeply customizable via extensions and JSON files. It’s tough to imagine any functionality outside of Sublime Text’s grasp.

With the aid of Package Control, downloading and installing extensions is a breeze. Because the editor has enjoyed such widespread adoption, there’s an extensive plugin library available, even in addition to those offered on the developer’s website.

Sublime Text 2 stands apart for its extensive documentation, both official and unofficial. Tutorials for Sublime Text 2 are everywhere and lower the learning curve.

Emmet Notepad Archives Free

Sublime Text 2 is not free. It can be downloaded and evaluated for free with no limits, but if you like it, the $70 license is a very fair investment.


I wrote this article to give you the best text editor for web development. I have tested many editors in the past including Atom, VS Code, Sublime Text, Notepad++, Brackets. There are our favorite picks for all kinds of developers to boost productivity. If you are looking for a reliable text editor for increasing your productivity then heres the article

Release Date: 2020-06-08

Download 32-bit x86

Notepad++ C# Plugin

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Download 64-bit x64

Emmet Notepad++ Archives
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Download source code

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Notepad++ v7.8.7 enhancements & bug-fixes:

Notepad++ Github Plugin

Notepad++ v7.8.7 enhancements & bug-fixes:

Notepad++ 64 Bit Plugin Manager

  1. Fix new style save dialog by selecting right file filter and adding extension automatically.
  2. Add right-click context menu to bookmark margin.
  3. Add sub-menu bullets for cascaded Encoding and Language menus.
  4. Display file name as root of workspace instead of “Workspace”.
  5. Add file extension automatically for session files and workspace files while saving in new style dialog.
  6. Fix file reading failure (network problem) not detected issue.
  7. Improve Document Map precision.
  8. Fix clickable links break syntax highlighting issue.
  9. Fix current range detached from Document Map issue.
  10. Disallow backward regex searches due to sometimes surprising results (an non-UI option is available to enable it).
  11. Fix wrong project panel at start by opening a project via command line.
  12. Allow user to skip *.* when adding only excluding Filters for Find/Replace In Files.
  13. Fix Doc switcher icon state update issue for cloned documents.
  14. Assign CTRL-M as default shortcut for invoking mark dialog.
  15. Fix also a folding visual glitch in Find result.
  16. Add count of files searched to ‘Find result’ output.
  17. Fix Find/Replace history lost issue.
  18. Fix bug of Mark clearing in selection mode.
  19. Fix auto-completion suggest the same word while the word being modified.