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October 19, 2011

Dragonframe For Students

Formerly known as Dragon Stop Motion, it has now evolved and with a new name now known as DragonFrame. A sophisticated frame capturing program for ultimate control in single frame animation techniques to produce high end & professional work with such software features for single frame control including editing, pre-visualization, lip-sync, X-sheets, motion control, and more features. With this new upgraded DragonFrame, they sure have raised the bar and animators, studios and even other stop motion software brands will take notice! Their website and video below will give you far more information and details, than I can. Check it out ….

Go to website … DRAGONFRAME


Topics:Dynamation, Learning-Education-Tools, Puppet Animation, Special Effects, Stop Motion 6 Comments »

  1. awesome

  2. I could never get the old Dragon Stop Motion trial to play so it’s nice to see what’s new. This doesn’t seem like stop motion but digital 3D animation.
    What is the learning curve on DragonFrame?

  3. That looks like a great tool. Very cool to see that way of storing images of replacement mouths, and putting them into the x-sheet. They show a similar thing in the Nighmare Before Christmas’ dvd extras, but as far as I know this is the first time it’s been available to anyone

  4. I just finished a trial of Dragon Stop Motion and loved it. It was my first time using software for stop motion (paper)and my results were great. I am looking forward to checking out the new version-thanks for the post.

  5. Ordinarily, (because my funds are low) I procrastinate about purchasing anything new in the way of software until I absolutely NEED IT. But I got a chance to work with a preview of Dragonframe and I already loved Dragon Stop Motion so, I didn’t hesitate for a second before purchasing the updated version! It’s got way more features and tools than I currently need but, it’s really nice knowing that all that stuff will be right there when I do.

    But even the features that I do use have changed in ways that are easy to understand and really do help out with the workflow. I couldn’t be happier with it.

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