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Leading Canadian manufacturer of A/V equipment including matrix switches, splitters, switchers, &. Automation Control Software. Why pay for costly tools and complicated hardware to live stream events when you can do it for free? Explore these 5 free tools to find one.

The process of video streaming is little different from that of game streaming hence you need different set of tools for both these tasks. The fact is that, you can use any live video streaming software for game streaming but not all the game streaming softwares can be used for live streaming needs. Note that tools used for live streaming needs are generally heavily priced and accommodate more features as compared to game streaming software. Currently, market is flooded with so many software tools that can work for your live video streaming needs. Some are rated to be good for professionals and others are useful for beginners. The pricing range also varies equally. Listed below are 7 best live video streaming software you should know.

1. Wirecast:

Wirecastwill help you to live stream anything from your desktop and establish an interactive relation between your creations and audience. It can capture videos from unlimited number of devices like computer desktop, iOS cameras, web feeds and camera feeds etc. Users can easily personalize their broadcasts by using lower thirds, transitions, animated titles and live switching options. It offers multi format type encoding capabilities for live streaming as well as CDN. Wirecast is popularly used for various applications like Gaming, Education, News, Sports, Live Events and Entertainment as well as for houses of worship. You can start with free trail of Wirecast right now or prefer to buy its highly featured paid version from online store.

2. XSplit Broadcast:

It is a powerful yet interactive video recording and live streaming software tool that has feature rich platform.XSplit provides an easier way to all gamers to start broadcasting from their gaming console directly and for live streaming applications you can use PC connectivity. You will be able to avail two applications even by making payment for single license. This platform extends support to all types of capture cards and can serve with so many professional production features. It offers customized plugins along with useful integrations while making uploading and editing process much easier during live streaming process. Users will also be able to collect notifications for chats and followers on this platform. Users can buy premium as well as personal licenses with different packages available and XSplit can be upgraded with payment of $2.50 per month only.

3. VMix:

VMixwill help you to record, produce and stream your live events with ease and professional productions can be developed with 4k, SD and HD content. This platform extends support to capture cards as well as webcams and video files can be added with all popular file formats like MXF, MOV, WMV, MPEG-2, H264, MP4 and AVI etc. Supported audio files are WAV and MP3 and users can easily combine audio video files into single channel input. There are 13 unique transition effects like vertical wipe, cube, crosszoom, wipe, fade, vertical wipe, cut and merge transitions etc. One more interesting feature of VMix is its live video effects capabilities that can be added in form of Pan, Crop, Rotate, Zoom, Sharpen, De-interlace and Color correct features. You can easily access VMix platform over Android, iPhone, iPad and other touch screen devices with ease. You can availo 60 days free trail of vMix whereas paid version comes with so many packages.

4. UStream Producer:



UStream Produceris a well known professional broadcasting software tool that provides complete assistance for Live Video Production needs. It can help users to add videos, music as well as graphics to channels. The easy to use drag and drop feature make it easier to access files from computer so that fast multimedia broadcasting can be achieved. Users can easily develop layer background music and can also add pre-recorded clips along with live camera shots. UStream Producer is popularly used for preparation of keynote presentations and for PowerPoint broadcasting needs. One of the incredible features of Ustream is its ability to add remote guests to video chats during HD broadcasting. It is also possible to record videos with multi camera switching facility and adding tiles is now much simpler with its intuitive tools. Ustream supports instant replay option and playlists can be managed with ease. Free trial is available for 30 days. Producer studio can be purchased with price tag of $299 whereas Producer Pro is accessible with $540 only.

5. Magix YouCast:

Magix YouCast allows users to share their best moments in creative manner and audience can stay up to dated with active broadcasting community. The user interface is quite impressive with all advanced features that can assist you to capture screens, game plays and live shows. YouCast is able to recognize external devices as well as webcams so easily, it can also work with Intel RealSense camera to produce much efficient results. This platform is commonly used by lots of visionaries, gamers, professional artists and entertainers. The green screen feature provides facility to swap backgrounds so easily. You can avail free subscription for one month as a beginner then paid platform is available with different packages.

6. BroadCam Video Streaming Software:

BroadCam allows users to enjoy live streaming from PC and it can capture inputs directly from computer screens, webcams and many other compatible devices. It is much easier to add watermarks to videos using Broadcast video streaming tool. This software can be easily accessed from Windows, Linux as well as Mac platforms. This tool is popularly used as an educational and business tool with lots of incredible features.

7. OBS:


Free Best Live Streaming Software

OBSis available for free as an open source broadcasting software. It can be used interactively on Linux, Mac and Window platform. Its high performance type audio/video capturing abilities make content generation much easier and so many advanced filters can be applied to adjust colour information on images and videos. The audio mixer tool is capable enough to avoid noise from input signals. It is much easier to access new sources on OBS or you can also duplicate the existing ones as per your need. The settings panel is impressively improved with all streamlined arrangements.

Easy-to-use and powerful video editor for all creators.

Bring up your video to a professional level with straightforward tools.

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Streaming is one of the up-and-coming ways to earn a side income while doing the things you love. Twitch is known for its game streaming but it’s also a good avenue to do art or whatever passion you want to share with your community. You may already have the right streaming PC build for your gaming channel so your next step is to find the right streaming software.


To broadcast your gameplay or videos to Twitch, you would need to use a broadcaster or streaming software. You can add overlays, images, video capture devices (like webcams), and audio sources depending on your taste.

Here are some of the best live streaming software applications compatible with Twitch:

OBS Studio

Open Broadcast System or OBS Studio was initially released September 1, 2012, for Windows 7 operating system but now it’s also available for Linux and Mac. It’s a free streaming software for Twitch that is excellent for live broadcasting, recording videos that require multiple layers and quick editing. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even stream to different platforms all at the same time. OBS Studio can also support broadcasting full-screen games of any title.

OBS is free and it also gets regular open source updates from the community. There’s a Studio Mode where you can deploy scripts and plug-ins for customization, and it’s compatible with most devices. If you ever have issues or concerns with your application, the hundreds of forums, guides and users can help you get answers.

The only downside to OBS is that it doesn’t look as modern, sophisticated or cool as its competitors. Its simple interface allows users to learn it quickly and develop advanced techniques with time.

Streamers who use OBS Studio:

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Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS Beta was released on January 21, 2014 by Streamlabs, Inc. for Windows 7 operating system as part of their total streaming kit. It offers great compatibility with Streamlabs plugins, that allows streamers to connect with their Streamlabs account for donations, donation targets, and other functionalities.

Streamlabs OBS allows you to save your RAM usage by having multiple windows like Twitch Chat, Stream labels, Twitch Dashboard, OBS and others in live view. You can quickly engage with your audience, stats and get updates in real time. This beginner-friendly broadcasting software is good for novices that are not technically-equipped.

The downside to Streamlabs OBS is that it is still currently on Beta, and it doesn’t have the OBS Studio Mode that allows visualization beforehand.

Streamers Who Use Streamlabs OBS:

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NVIDIA Shadowplay

The NVIDIA Shadowplay is part of the GeForce Experience that comes with GeForce GTX graphics card by NVIDIA. It was released on October 18, 2013, along with the GeForce Experience version 1.7. Since it’s coupled by a GPU driver, you can expect that Shadowplay is known for video quality. It’s a free streaming software that’s actually more known for its 4K and GIF recording than streaming capabilities.

The program uses video encoding Kepler’s H.264, which means that it uses the GPU instead of the CPU for video processing. It also has hotkeys for easy navigation and toggling. If you’re not a big fan of overlays and plugins, then Shadowplay is the perfect option for you.

The downsides to Shadowplay are the absence of overlays, and the limitations with creativity, freedom, and plugins. It currently only supports Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook live.

XSplit Gamecaster

XSplit Gamecaster was published on June 13, 2016, by SplitmediaLabs. It’s the novice equivalent of the famous XSplit Broadcaster, which is a paid software for professional streamers that want a full production. If you’re still trying the field, unaware of advanced techniques and you’re looking for a place to gain footing, Gamecaster is a good software for you.

Gamecaster is fairly easy to set up, and its interface is straightforward as a streaming software for Twitch. It allows you to edit videos quickly and simply. It has an internal ChromaCam capability that allows you to deviate from the background even without a green screen and it can accommodate highlighting key gameplays while on the air.

The free version supports 720px but with the addition of an XSplit watermark. The downside to Gamecaster is the watermark requires a subscription of around 4 USD monthly to remove. If you’re just starting out, you may not be too keen to invest in any paid software until you test out all its features and see a long-term relationship with it. According to reports, some older games are not supported by Gamecaster.


Bebo was released in July 2005 by Bebo, Inc. The free streaming software for Twitch has positioned itself to be a beginner-friendly broadcasting tool. The user interface is easy enough to understand by novices, and it is presented in a more attractive manner than some of its competitors. All the features are seamlessly integrated with each other in a way that’s easy to understand even to a user with no technical background whatsoever.

As part of their uniqueness, Bebo users get a profile page where he or she can post simple images, blogs, videos and surveys to other users. Bebo also has a community among its users where they support each other and can add each other as friends. Bebo also has live 24/7 support.

The downside to Bebo is that it only supports limited titles, and there have been complaints on high CPU usage.


The aforementioned programs are only a few of the many applications available for Twitch streaming. There are also other programs that offer broadcasting capabilities, and there is no right or wrong software as long as you can comfortably, efficiently and effectively use it for your stream. You should always consider your level of expertise when dealing with programs.

Certain streaming software may be the best in the market, but it may go to waste if you don’t have the corresponding skill level for it. Once you gauge your application options, you can then equip yourself with the knowledge and technical skills to start your live streaming career. The great thing about the 21st century is that information is always readily present.