Our Balsamiq for Desktop licenses are named and transferable, meaning that if one of your employees leaves, you may recycle that license to a different user. Please keep in mind that we expect you to keep your internal licensing records up to date. We do not collect information about your users, so we cannot tell you who has registered with your license.

With that said, transferring a license is easy:


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  1. On Mac select 'Desktop License' from the Balsamiq Wireframes menu. On Windows the option is found under the Help menu.
  2. Select 'Unregister from this Computer'.
  3. Download and Install Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop on the new user’s machine and use your License Information (the one you received via email or invoice) to register it. If you need version 3, you can download it here.

That's it!


Note: If you're on an older Mockups for Desktop version, the option 'Unregister from this Computer' can be found under the Help menu instead.

Here’s a screenshot of the different screens you’ll be seeing on Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop:


Balsamiq Mockups License Key

Transferring to a New Machine as the Same User?

Activation Key Vista

Our licenses are tied to you, the user, and not limited to a particular machine, so just go ahead and register Balsamiq for Desktop on your new machine with your old License Information. If you will no longer be the user on the old machine, and if you still have access to it, you can follow the instructions above to unregister Balsamiq for Desktop on it.