• Best file compression tools of 2021 used on Windows

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by Connie Abbott

File archivers are created for saving up more space on a hard drive when storing files or lighting up the attachments to your emails. They compress data to take less storage space. During the process, archives are formed, which need decompressing before you can fully use the stored data.

6 (75%)2 (25%)
This archive manager is aimed at RAR and ZIP archives, but also works with CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, JAR, ISO and some other formats. It is localized into the majority of spoken languages, like German, Japanese, etc. Works under windows of both architectures, has a version for Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux, and FreeBSD. The program is shareware, its personal license costs $29.00, during the trial period it is fully functional and lasts for 40 days.
  • Complete support for RAR and ZIP.
  • User-friendly graphic interface.
  • Recovery record.
  • Constant updates.
  • High compression ratio.
  • Uses Advanced Encryption Standard.
  • Supports enormous files (up to 8,589 billion gigabytes).
  • Self-extracting and multivolume archives creation.
  • Reconstructs phisically damaged archives.
  • Unpacks CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, XZ, Z archives.
Weak points
  • Demands powerful hardware to be installed for the big files processing.
  • Constantly reminds of the need to buy the license.
3 (100%)0 (0%)
This archiver goes under the open-source license and is totally free for unlimited use. It provides a high compression ratio thanks to LZMA algorithm. Works in two directions with 7Z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, and TAR formats. Works under Windows and can be run from Linux/Unix command line.
  • Compresses to 7Z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR formats.
  • Uses strong enchryption algorythms, especially for 7Z and ZIP.
  • Is localized to 87 languages.
  • Is constantly updated.
  • Creates self-extracting ZIP archives.
  • Integrates into Windows file manager.
  • Has inbuilt file manager.
  • Has the command line version.
  • Has a plugin for Far Manager.
2 (100%)0 (0%)
This archiver was born using open-source technologies of 7-Zip, pZip, FreeArc, PAQ and PEA projects, so it is free for personal and professional use. Works with over 180 archive formats. Works on machines with Windows, Linux, Free BSD, ReactOS, Wine and has a portable version for Windows and Linux.
  • Provides strong encryption.
  • User-friendly interface and file viewer.
  • Complete support of 7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZ, PEA, WIM, and ZIP formats.
  • Opens and extracts ACE, ISO, RAR, ZIPX formats.
  • Encrypts using AES, Twofish and Serpent algorythms.
  • Has an encrypted password manager.
  • Two-factor authentication (activated if needed).
  • Inbuilt file manager and viewer.
  • Secure file deletion.
  • Corrupted and duplicated files search algorithms.
  • UNACE plugin is required to be installed to open ACE files.
1 (100%)0 (0%)
This utility unites a file manager and compression software. Archive files, manage and share them on PC, network or clouds, protect data with banking-level encryption. and unzip the major file formats. This shareware tool works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and has a command line version. The evaluation version can be used for free for 21 days and the prices start at about $35.34.
  • Has several editions with different archiving options included.
  • Supports ZIP, RAR, TAR, 7Z formats.
  • Device-friendly interface
  • Starts up fast.
  • Deals with ZIPX, GZIP, VHD, XZ, POZIX TAR and more formats.
  • Supports managing files on PC hard drive, network location or cloud services.
  • Auto-wipes temporarily extracted copies of archives.
  • Decompresses ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, 7ZIP, LHA/LHZ, VHD/VDMK, XZ, and more formats.
  • High level encryption.
  • Unzips and replaces ZIP files with their content.
  • Creates multipart zip files.
  • Zips files from Explorer, Microsoft Office, scanner, photos, Microsoft Outlook.
  • You have to sign up and pay for updates separately.
  • The more functionality you want the more you have to pay.
2 (100%)0 (0%)
This one is designed for file decompression and extraction. It works with ZIP, RAR, EXE files among the others. It cannot compress files. It is created under Open Source license and is free. Works fine in Windows.
  • Archive decompression utility.
  • Supports extraction of a wide list of formats.
  • Is localized to the main world languages like Chinese, German, French and to more exotic ones like Serbian.
Strong sides
  • Decompresses such file extensions as: 7Z, ZIP, EXE, PEA, RAR, ACE, ARC, ARJ, CPIO, DEB, CDI, GZ, TAR, CAB, IMG, ISO, KGB, LZX, MHT, CHM, JAR, and many more.
  • Portable version.
  • Localized to languages like Valencian, Thai, Vietnamese, Serbian, SLovak.
Weak points
  • Cannot create archives.
  • Language packs are to be installed separately.


Out of the five archivers and decompressors, WinRAR takes the lead with 8 points out of 10. Even though it has a price it shows up as a decent utility for data encryption. Yet, if your only goal is to unzip archives of a rare type, check Universal Extractor - which main aim is to deal with the majority of possible archive formats. How often are you in need of data compression? Was it useful for you any time in the past?

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About Compressed Archive Files

Compressed archives combine multiple files into a single file to make them easier to transport or save on diskspace. Archiving software may also provide options for encryption, file spanning, checksums, self-extraction, and self-installation. Zip is the most-widely used format, used by the Windows operating system and more recently by OSX as well. RAR is also a very popular and flexible format. Unix uses the tar file format, while Linux uses the tar and gz format.

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Feature of AMTEmu Adobe Universal Patcher 0.9.4 Crack

This is the list of features that Adobe Universal Patcher also knows as AMTEmu. You should check the features to understand them more easily.

Free Of Coast

This is freemium and will never ask for money. You can use it on any number of machines you want and for as long as you want.

It’s free and always will be until you can also enjoy Adobe products and all the features of these products completely free.

No advertising

It does not contain any ads in it. As you can see from other steroids, there are many annoying ads.

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Stimulation for life

Do you have an experimental reset tool on your computer so you can continue doing experiments? Do you use it every 15 days?

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If so, this is the good news for you. AMTEmu will never reset the trial version but will activate your Adobe product for the rest of its life. You just need to activate it again immediately after uninstalling or installing a new version of Windows.

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Never send data to Adobe

It does not store log files, after activation, it will automatically delete these files from your device.

So in this case the Adobe Zii server will never accept it while using your product even if it is online.

Free of viruses and Trojans.

AMTEmu is free from all kinds of malware, Trojans, and viruses. Compared to other steroids, it guarantees these attacks. Thus, you can use it without worrying about your personal files or device damage.

No ban problem

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This tool activates products in a way that will not be captured by Adobe servers. This means that your account will never be excluded from Adobe servers and you can use it in its entirety. It activates it in a way that Adobe believes is registered with the original Adobe key.

All-in-one activator

Yes, I have heard that all of this is in one place and that means you don’t need separate stimulants for different products.

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This tool is enough to activate all products like Photoshop CC 2020, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, After Effects, etc.

Supports Windows and Mac

This tool is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X. Now you don’t need to worry about Mac Mac as you can also enjoy it freely.

How to Crack Adobe Universal Patcher?

  • Note:
    Before extracting, be sure to turn off your Windows Defender and another antivirus until the activation is complete.
    Now you will find the folder where you see the Universal Adobe Patcher. Right-click on the logo and then click Run as administrator.
  • Then it will open a new window where you will see several options. Do not touch any of these options, just select the product you want to activate from the Route.
  • In my case, I am trying to activate Photoshop CC 2020 so I will choose Adobe CC 2020 from the menu. After choosing the product, simply click on the Patch button located to the right below.
  • Then you will see an error message that says: “The file cannot be found. Search the file? Just click Ok and you will see a new window appear.
  • All you need to do is choose My Computer> Local Disk (C)> Program Files> Adobe. In this folder find amtb.dll and select it, then click Open. (For x64 users using x32 version, just follow this patch My Computer> Local Disk (C)> Program Files (32 bit)> Adobe).
  • That’s it, you will see the successfully patched message on the AMTEmu screen. Now just close the activator and activate the antivirus (if you are using any).
  • After that, restart your computer, and when your PC restarts just open Adobe Photoshop (or whatever product you’ve patched). Here you will see that there is no option for activation or countdown for test expiration.
  • Now you can use it for the rest of your life without getting, please turn on the Adobe notification. This is the permanent solution to continue enjoying and using the best functions of Photoshop or other products. You can activate any product by following the same steps as above, there might be a name change, but the steps remain the same.

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