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Publisher:Eterlogic Software
Category:System Utilities
Size:3.02 MB
Updated:24 Jan 2016
VSPE is intended to help software engineers and developers to create/debug/test applications that use serial ports. It is able to create various virtual devices to transmit/receive data. Unlike regular serial ports, virtual devices have special capabilities: the same device can be opened more than once. Using VSPE you can share physical serial port data between several programs, create virtual pipes, expose serial port to local network (via TCP protocol), create virtual serial port device pairs and so on.
Product key features:
- Virtual device: connector
- Virtual device: data splitter
- Virtual device: pair
- Mapper device
- User mode device: TcpServer
- User mode device: TcpClient
- User mode device: Serial Redirector
- User mode device: UdpManager
- User-mode device: Bridge
- Python scripting system
- x86 and x86_64 processor architecture support
- API for developers
- Embedded HTTP server
- Data monitoring
Version: 0.938(26 Jun 2010)
- Added Spy device
- TcpServer and TcpClient devices now supports COM port read-only and COM port write-only modes
- Fixed bug with localization of the device properties dialog
- Added ability to reorganize devices (move up and down) when emulation is stopped
Version: 0.937(29 Mar 2010)
- Fixed bug with all devices: input buffer is cleared when virtual COM port is being opened
- Fixed bug: possible crash when using just created port at the same moment when it is being initialized
- Fixed bug: TcpClient and TcpServer connections leaks
Version: 0.933(23 Apr 2009)
- Kernel devices: IRP_MJ_FLUSH_BUFFERS processing
- VSPE settings are stored now in vspe.ini instead of registry: service compatibilityKey
- TcpClient: python scripting is disabled to remove dependency on Python25.dll.
- VSPE_API users: there is no need to bundle Python25.dll anymore with your programs
Version: 0.923(24 Mar 2009)
- Bug fixes
- VSPE_API: Activation requirement added
Archives- VSPE_API: No additional files required in application folder when using COM interface.
- VSPE_API: commercially licensed applications can work simultaneously
- Distribution package contains FREE 32 bit VSPE API key
Version: 0.91(28 Jan 2009)
- Windows Vista 64 bit support
Version: 0.875(31 Dec 2008)
- User-mode device: Bridge
Version: 0.871(25 Nov 2008)
- Feature added: VSPE API
- Feature added: VSPE API C/C++ sample
- Feature added: VSPE API Python bindings and sample
- Fixed bug: ReadIntervalTimeout
- Fixed bug: advanced tab in VSPE settings dialog
Version: 0.865(17 Sep 2008)
- Fixed major bug (Connector and Pair): read buffer synchronization issues
- Fixed critical bug: ReadTotalTimeoutConstant timer fails
- Improved Splitter device processing
- Added compatibility with NSSM (service manager)
- UdpManager: added error message if listening to port failed
Version: 0.81(01 Sep 2008)
- Kernel driver bug fixed: ReadFile with TotalTimeout != 0
- Kerner driver bug fixed: ReadTotalTimeoutConstant
- Device reinitialization command
- Socket manager: polling timeout changed from 500 ms to 100 ms
Version: 0.80(29 Jul 2008)
- Feature added: user mode device - Serial Redirector
- DTR for TcpServer and TcpClient depends on connection status
- Information page for TcpServer
- EV_CTS, EV_DSR events
- Bug fixed: TcpServer, TcpClient disconnect detection
- Bug fixed: hanging up when ReadIntervalTimeout is zero
Version: 0.77(21 Jul 2008)
Version: 0.75(10 Jul 2008)
Version: 0.74(25 Jun 2008)
AMT Emulator Serial Key Archives- Feature added: TcpServer device receives data from network clients
- Fixed some bugs
Version: 0.73(21 Jun 2008)

Serial Key Generator

- Feature added: information panel
- Performed some code optimization
Version: 0.72(10 Jun 2008)
- Feature added: working without administrator privileges
- Emulation issue: ReadIntervalTimeout

Amt Emulator Mac

Version: 0.71(30 May 2008)
- Feature added: Windows Vista compatibility
- Feature added: command line support

AMT Emulator Serial Key Archives Free

- Fixed some emulation bugs

Amt Emulator Download

Version: 0.2
(SetupVSPE.zip - 3.02 MB)